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Double Presence:  Emily Duke, Victoria Shaheen and Nathan Tonning

Holding House, Detroit, MI

September 2015

Exhibition Text:


What comes of an object that scales the line between two states of existence, occurs in two schools of thought, lives in two separate worlds? 

The things we make are rooted in traditions of material, language and cultural history.  Addressing the history of ceramic objects while engaging the vocabulary of sculpture presents a third perspective for consideration. The group of artists included at Holding House beg for this synthesis. The exhibited works build upon multiple traditions but share in a split voice, a duality, a double presence. 

Hyperallergic Review

Ways Sharp and Deep, 6' x 6' x  4', plaster, laser printed paper and wood. 2015

45" Taper

Terra cotta, tinted aggregate, plaster and wood

4' x 2' x 4.5'


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