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Careless Water 

Emily Duke, Solo Exhibition 

The Sculpture Center

Revealed Emerging Artist Series 2020/21

May 21, 2021 - June 26, 2021

The Sculpture Center

1834 E. 123rd Street
Cleveland, OH 44106

Foreground: Waves I     Background: Lilies Are Lily White

Waves I (Detail), Red earthenware, pit fired white earthenware, glaze, carrara marble & found materials. 2020

Lilies Are Lily White, Vitreous porcelain, glaze, steel & baltic birch, 2021

Wall: Fragments Diptych, Vitreous porcelain and concrete, 2021      Floor: Winter Assemblages, vitreous porcelain, steel & wood, 2021

 Fragments Diptych, vitreous porcelain and concrete, 2021     

Winter Assemblages - Detail, Vitreous porcelain, steel & wood, 2021

Winter Assemblages - Detail, vitreous porcelain, steel & wood, 2021

Left: Mirror Wave, tinted Vitreous porcelain 2021                                   Right: Sunset Wave, Vitreous virtuous porcelain 2021